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Monday 24 July 2023 

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1 Samuel 24:1-22

When Saul returned from following the Philistines, he was told,
‘David is in the wilderness of En-gedi.’ Then Saul took three
thousand chosen men out of all Israel, and went to look for David and
his men in the direction of the Rocks of the Wild Goats. He came to
the sheepfolds beside the road, where there was a cave; and Saul went
in to relieve himself. Now David and his men were sitting in the
innermost parts of the cave. The men of David said to him, ‘Here is
the day of which the Lord said to you, “I will give your enemy into
your hand, and you shall do to him as it seems good to you.” ’
Then David went and stealthily cut off a corner of Saul’s cloak.
Afterwards David was stricken to the heart because he had cut off a
corner of Saul’s cloak. He said to his men, ‘The Lord forbid that
I should do this thing to my lord, the Lord’s anointed, to raise my
hand against him; for he is the Lord’s anointed.’ So David scolded
his men severely and did not permit them to attack Saul. Then Saul got
up and left the cave, and went on his way. 
Afterwards David also rose up and went out of the cave and called
after Saul, ‘My lord the king!’ When Saul looked behind him, David
bowed with his face to the ground, and did obeisance. David said to
Saul, ‘Why do you listen to the words of those who say, “David
seeks to do you harm”? This very day your eyes have seen how the
Lord gave you into my hand in the cave; and some urged me to kill you,
but I spared you. I said, “I will not raise my hand against my lord;
for he is the Lord’s anointed.” See, my father, see the corner of
your cloak in my hand; for by the fact that I cut off the corner of
your cloak, and did not kill you, you may know for certain that there
is no wrong or treason in my hands. I have not sinned against you,
though you are hunting me to take my life. May the Lord judge between
me and you! May the Lord avenge me on you; but my hand shall not be
against you. As the ancient proverb says, “Out of the wicked comes
forth wickedness”; but my hand shall not be against you. Against
whom has the king of Israel come out? Whom do you pursue? A dead dog?
A single flea? May the Lord therefore be judge, and give sentence
between me and you. May he see to it, and plead my cause, and
vindicate me against you.’ 
When David had finished speaking these words to Saul, Saul said, ‘Is
that your voice, my son David?’ Saul lifted up his voice and wept.
He said to David, ‘You are more righteous than I; for you have
repaid me good, whereas I have repaid you evil. Today you have
explained how you have dealt well with me, in that you did not kill me
when the Lord put me into your hands. For who has ever found an enemy,
and sent the enemy safely away? So may the Lord reward you with good
for what you have done to me this day. Now I know that you shall
surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in
your hand. Swear to me therefore by the Lord that you will not cut off
my descendants after me, and that you will not wipe out my name from
my father’s house.’ So David swore this to Saul. Then Saul went
home; but David and his men went up to the stronghold.
Acts 13:44-52

The next sabbath almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of
the Lord. But when the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with
jealousy; and blaspheming, they contradicted what was spoken by Paul.
Then both Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly, saying, ‘It was
necessary that the word of God should be spoken first to you. Since
you reject it and judge yourselves to be unworthy of eternal life, we
are now turning to the Gentiles. For so the Lord has commanded us,
“I have set you to be a light for the Gentiles,
   so that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”
When the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and praised the word of
the Lord; and as many as had been destined for eternal life became
believers. Thus the word of the Lord spread throughout the region. But
the Jews incited the devout women of high standing and the leading men
of the city, and stirred up persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and
drove them out of their region. So they shook the dust off their feet
in protest against them, and went to Iconium. And the disciples were
filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit. 
Mark 4:1-20

Again he began to teach beside the lake. Such a very large crowd
gathered around him that he got into a boat on the lake and sat there,
while the whole crowd was beside the lake on the land. He began to
teach them many things in parables, and in his teaching he said to
them: ‘Listen! A sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seed
fell on the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Other seed fell on
rocky ground, where it did not have much soil, and it sprang up
quickly, since it had no depth of soil. And when the sun rose, it was
scorched; and since it had no root, it withered away. Other seed fell
among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no
grain. Other seed fell into good soil and brought forth grain, growing
up and increasing and yielding thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.’
And he said, ‘Let anyone with ears to hear listen!’ 
When he was alone, those who were around him along with the twelve
asked him about the parables. And he said to them, ‘To you has been
given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside,
everything comes in parables; in order that
“they may indeed look, but not perceive,
   and may indeed listen, but not understand;
so that they may not turn again and be forgiven.” ’ 
And he said to them, ‘Do you not understand this parable? Then how
will you understand all the parables? The sower sows the word. These
are the ones on the path where the word is sown: when they hear, Satan
immediately comes and takes away the word that is sown in them. And
these are the ones sown on rocky ground: when they hear the word, they
immediately receive it with joy. But they have no root, and endure
only for a while; then, when trouble or persecution arises on account
of the word, immediately they fall away. And others are those sown
among the thorns: these are the ones who hear the word, but the cares
of the world, and the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things
come in and choke the word, and it yields nothing. And these are the
ones sown on the good soil: they hear the word and accept it and bear
fruit, thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.’

Morning Psalms:  Psalm 41, 52

Psalm 41

Happy are those who consider the poor;
   the Lord delivers them in the day of trouble. 
The Lord protects them and keeps them alive;
   they are called happy in the land.
   You do not give them up to the will of their enemies. 
The Lord sustains them on their sickbed;
   in their illness you heal all their infirmities. 

As for me, I said, ‘O Lord, be gracious to me;
   heal me, for I have sinned against you.’ 
My enemies wonder in malice
   when I will die, and my name perish. 
And when they come to see me, they utter empty words,
   while their hearts gather mischief;
   when they go out, they tell it abroad. 
All who hate me whisper together about me;
   they imagine the worst for me. 

They think that a deadly thing has fastened on me,
   that I will not rise again from where I lie. 
Even my bosom friend in whom I trusted,
   who ate of my bread, has lifted the heel against me. 
But you, O Lord, be gracious to me,
   and raise me up, that I may repay them. 

By this I know that you are pleased with me;
   because my enemy has not triumphed over me. 
But you have upheld me because of my integrity,
   and set me in your presence for ever. 

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,
   from everlasting to everlasting.Amen and Amen

Psalm 52

‘David has come to the house of Ahimelech.’
Why do you boast, O mighty one,
   of mischief done against the godly?
   All day long you are plotting destruction.
Your tongue is like a sharp razor,
   you worker of treachery. 
You love evil more than good,
   and lying more than speaking the truth.
You love all words that devour,
   O deceitful tongue. 

But God will break you down for ever;
   he will snatch and tear you from your tent;
   he will uproot you from the land of the living.
The righteous will see, and fear,
   and will laugh at the evildoer, saying, 
‘See the one who would not take
   refuge in God,
but trusted in abundant riches,
   and sought refuge in wealth!’ 

But I am like a green olive tree
   in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God
   for ever and ever. 
I will thank you for ever,
   because of what you have done.
In the presence of the faithful
   I will proclaim your name, for it is good.

Evening Psalms: Psalm 44

Psalm 44

We have heard with our ears, O God,
   our ancestors have told us,
what deeds you performed in their days,
   in the days of old: 
you with your own hand drove out the nations,
   but them you planted;
you afflicted the peoples,
   but them you set free; 
for not by their own sword did they win the land,
   nor did their own arm give them victory;
but your right hand, and your arm,
   and the light of your countenance,
   for you delighted in them. 

You are my King and my God;
   you command victories for Jacob. 
Through you we push down our foes;
   through your name we tread down our assailants. 
For not in my bow do I trust,
   nor can my sword save me. 
But you have saved us from our foes,
   and have put to confusion those who hate us. 
In God we have boasted continually,
   and we will give thanks to your name for ever.

Yet you have rejected us and abased us,
   and have not gone out with our armies. 
You made us turn back from the foe,
   and our enemies have taken spoil for themselves. 
You have made us like sheep for slaughter,
   and have scattered us among the nations. 
You have sold your people for a trifle,
   demanding no high price for them. 

You have made us the taunt of our neighbours,
   the derision and scorn of those around us. 
You have made us a byword among the nations,
   a laughing-stock among the peoples. 
All day long my disgrace is before me,
   and shame has covered my face 
at the words of the taunters and revilers,
   at the sight of the enemy and the avenger. 

All this has come upon us,
   yet we have not forgotten you,
   or been false to your covenant. 
Our heart has not turned back,
   nor have our steps departed from your way, 
yet you have broken us in the haunt of jackals,
   and covered us with deep darkness. 

If we had forgotten the name of our God,
   or spread out our hands to a strange god, 
would not God discover this?
   For he knows the secrets of the heart. 
Because of you we are being killed all day long,
   and accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 

Rouse yourself! Why do you sleep, O Lord?
   Awake, do not cast us off for ever! 
Why do you hide your face?
   Why do you forget our affliction and oppression? 
For we sink down to the dust;
   our bodies cling to the ground. 
Rise up, come to our help.
   Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.


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